This is the Case study for Mrs Sheila Cook Written by her Daughter Jayne Rigby. (Aug 2019)

10 Nov 2020

My mum lives with vascular dementia. Her health started to deteriorate at the end of last year and after numerous falls and admissions to hospital, it was evident mum would need more support as it was difficult for her to be cared for at home.

Following several meetings with Social Services and the hospital team, we agreed I would look for a suitable care home closer to where I live in Guildford. I was given four homes to view with Robertson Nursing Home being one of them. I had also been researching homes on the internet and Googling the different services on offer before visiting them and the Robertson Nursing Home was already on my preferred list. The team at the hospital were very good but once we had identified a home for mum to move into, we did feel there was an urgent need to move mum on. This was rather stressful for me making such a huge decision for my mum as I realised it could be frightening and potentially disruptive for her, but mum managed very well. The hospital arranged transportation for her to Robertsons and all were incredibly supportive to her to make this transition go well.

It was very worrying to find myself in this position making such a very important life changing decision on behalf of my mum. She had always been there for me, supported me and loved me, she was a good mum and I wanted to do the best for her.

We visited all four homes before making a final decision. Robertson Nursing Home was not the last home we looked at but as soon as we visited Robertson’s, we felt this was the right place for mum to be and it would be “home”. There were many reasons that persuaded us that this was the right place one of them being it is a nursing home, it was important for us not to have to move mum again should she require nursing care later on. The staff immediately attracted us with their manner. They were welcoming, friendly and helpful from the moment we met them and this level of interaction has continued. They genuinely care and the care they give mum is perfect for her needs. Many of the staff have worked in the home for years which we feel is a really good sign. I can’t commend the staff enough!

The management team and carers genuinely look as if they are enjoying their jobs and take a huge interest in the residents’ happiness.

The continuing support that I have received as her daughter too is exemplary – the staff will always stop to talk and answer any questions. They are always busy but never give the impression that they cannot stop to talk and they welcome me every day when I visit. It has such a good atmosphere and it feels like going into a home rather than a nursing home. There is a sign up in the office that I think sums up the culture perfectly “Our Residents do not live in our Workplace, We work in in their home.”

Mum enjoys her meals. The Chef meets with the residents individually each day to tell them what is on the menu – the dishes are homemade and sound delicious. The chef will cater for their likes, dislikes, have meals appropriate for the weather and cater for special dietary needs.

Activities take place regularly and external singers, poetry readers, artists visit to entertain. The residents partake if they wish and thoroughly enjoy these entertainments. I have noticed mum is starting to engage with other residents and staff and she appears to be more aware of her surroundings. I asked mum not so long ago what she thought about the home and she said “It’s Lovely”.

There is a super garden to sit in – there is plenty of shade and it is very peaceful. On the hot summer days, drinks are constantly served and ice creams also distributed. The conservatory is a popular place to sit with a nice view of the garden. Our family is always made to feel welcome especially my grandchildren who enjoy joining in the activities and being included in the ice cream round.

Mum has been in Robertson’s Nursing Home since March 2019. She has settled in incredibly well, it’s perfect for her and comes with my highest recommendation.

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