Convalescent Care Home

At Beritaz Care we offer short-term stays Convalescent Care for clients in a post-operative recovery, this helps clients live a higher quality of life after surgery.

What is Convalescent Care?

Convalescent care involves helping clients to recover from surgery, injury or illness. Convalescent care allows the client to recuperate and recover over a short or long period depending on the individual. Similar to respite care, this short time allows a client to relax and recover to full-health.

Meeting Our Residents’ Needs

Ensuring that our residents receive excellent care and get back to full-health is our main concern. Staff are on hand 24 hours a day to help with general care needs: our senior carers are trained to assist with medication and work closely with our GPs and other healthcare professionals. We promote a healthy life-style in our homes, with balanced meals which help our clients mend to full health.

Convalescent Care Plan

We create a detailed care plan for all of our residents when they join our care. Before a client joins our care home we discuss with them their needs, requirements, their likes/dislikes and their daily routine to understand their lifestyle.

There are two types of Convalescent Care these are:

Subacute – Where a client needs short-term medical care for an illness or trauma and will still need medical support to rehabilitate so that they can return to normal life. This may be due to a stroke or broken hip.

Post-acute Care – This focuses on helping a client progress from hospital to their home. With nursing and personal care a main priority, some patients will entre post-acute care after subacute care.

Working With You

Whilst your loved one is staying in our care, whether for a short or long time, we will keep you updated. Additionally, feel free to visit our homes as clients benefit from seeing their loved ones during their recovery. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay update with our care homes. Each care home has a month by month calendar, there you can see what events and activities are happening across the care homes.

Residential care gives residents the chance to try and test living in a care home before they move in long-term. Visit one of our care homes today to see how we can help you, call: 01428 604414.

Convalescent Care home