Care Homes for Cancer Patients

At Beritaz Care we offer Cancer care in our nursing homes for residents who need specialist care and support. We understand that the final years or months are the most important when delivering care and medical support. Our qualified nurses and care team based in Surrey and Hampshire offer an holistic approach to care that ensures that your loved enjoys has the best of care. Our qualified nurses deliver care with respect and dignity at all times.

Meeting Our Patient’s Needs

Our highly qualified and registered nurse’s work with our patient’s GP to reduce pain and to manage cancer symptoms. We offer full-time care care to ensure that your loved one is never alone when they need care and support during their stay. Our team also provides emotional support as well as physical. As patients progress over time, emotional support is essential to ensure that patients have a high-quality of life.

Cancer Care Plans

When a person joins one of our care homes we develop a care plan, due to the nature of cancer the care plan will be discussed with a resident’s GP. As a resident progresses further, their needs may change and develop. We ensure that we communicate with you any changes and ensure that the physical and psychological needs of your loved one are met throughout their stay.

Working With You

We will discuss your loved one’s progress whilst they are in our care, to give you peace of mind during this difficult time. This helps reduce the stress that comes when a loved one is sick. Our visiting hours are flexible and we also have facilities to stay overnight.

Enquire today to see how we can help your loved one. Call: 01428 604414.

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