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At Beritaz Care we specialise in delivering excellent Alzheimer’s care with our highly trained team and qualified nurses in Surrey and Hampshire. All of our staff (carers, nurses, cooks, domestic and maintenance team) have all participated in dementia and Alzheimer’s training, this means our staff are prepared with the knowledge and expertise to respond to the varying effects of Alzheimer’s.

The disease is incredibly complex and there is not yet a cure, but by training our team we stay up to-date on the latest care innovations and developments to ensure we deliver a holistic approach to Alzheimer’s care. Our Registered Nurses have access to specialist nurses and work with the care home’s GP, psycho-geriatricians and Community Psychiatric Nurses to ensure our residents receive the best care for their circumstances.

Meeting Our Patient’s Needs

We encourage our residents to keep their independence but our team are always there to support and help residents when they need it. By residents completing tasks for themselves this can help their progress.  We help our residents live in the moment and enjoy a high quality of life as the disease progresses. Our qualified nurses deliver care with respect and dignity at all times. To comfort residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia we help them to make life books to remember the past, and remember happy moments from their life. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress for residents, we understand that the final years or months are the most important when delivering care and medical support.

Alzheimer’s Care Plans

When a resident joins a Beritaz care home we develop a care plan. Our team work with the residents and their family to understand how best to care and cater for the resident’s needs. Working along-side a resident’s GP we help to create a thorough care plan that encapsulates their physical and mental well-being. Due to the nature of Alzheimer’s, as a resident progresses their care plan will need to adapt to facilitate the residents new needs and requirements. Over time a resident may need a higher level of care, our team work 24/7 to ensure that residents are always supported, emotionally and physically.

Working With You

Whilst your loved one is in our care and their situation progresses, we aim to help you during this period. Our workshops help relatives to understand Alzheimer’s and your loved one’s development and behaviour. We have found that talking to others who are going through the same experience can help family members.

Whilst a resident is in our care we communicate with their family throughout their stay so that loved ones are kept informed. Where possible we can arrange for family members to stay overnight.

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