Robertson Nursing Home

Robertson Nursing Home is a Tudor-style house set in spacious landscaped grounds. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, yet within easy reach of Godalming town centre and the A3, Robertson NH offers a wonderful blend of peace and tranquillity, ease of access and excellent local facilities.  The Care Quality Commission’s most recent report dated Feb 2019, rated Robertson Nursing Home as Good.

What makes Robertson unique
  • Investors in People Silver
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  • 35 single rooms, most with en-suite facilities and some with adapted shower
  • Specially adapted bath facilities
  • Two lounges
  • Separate dining room serving home-cooked food
  • Library and reading area
  • Internet facilities
  • Visiting GP service
  • Visiting physiotherapist
  • Emergency call system in each room and communal areas
  • Secure landscaped gardens

"I found Robertson Nursing Home Godalming. I have nothing but praise for the care and kindness they have shown my mother. Even Penny the Manager will help the nurses in their care. Last week she was massaging some special cream into my mother's feet and back to help with itching - so gentle and kind. I am humbled by their care and attention. " Daughter of Resident May 2017

“It was one look at the Robertson that made me to decide for this home. When I was coming to a driveway, I thought, she would like this. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.” Nick, Nov 2018
“I felt at home at Robertson, I could see that my Mum could relax here”. Janet, Winter 2018


Springkell House Proud to support 2020 Poppy Appeal

Springkell House is proud to support the 2020 Poppy appeal. @Hindhead Royal British Legion Club Residents enjoyed making a display for Remembrance Day and a had a nice sing-a-long using our portal TV. Every Poppy Matters. #royalbritishlegion #PoppyAppeal2020 #lestweforget2020 #HindheadRoyalBritishLegionClub Read more

About Robertson

Unique Selling Points

  • Nursing Care for Elderly
  • “Choice, why the Heart Beats in Our Home”
  • Lush Gardens
  • On-site Physiotherapist
  • Experienced and dedicated staff team


We provide specialist Nursing and Residential care for up to 37 people.  The Robertson Nursing Home welcomes residents who require short-term care, rehabilitation or long continuing care.  We have a number of fully qualified and trained staff and they endeavour to help residents to plan their day.  We try to fully utilise and embody the skills of other professionals and services in order to offer the holistic care for our residents.  We feel that training and development go hand-in-hand with our overall Home’s philosophy of Care and we endeavour to continually improve our standards through regular monitoring and review.

The services we provide at a glance

  • Residential Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Respite Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Day Care
  • Convalescent Care
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Epilepsy
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Speech Impairment
  • Stroke
  • Visual Impairment
  • Bipolar/Manic Depression
  • Colitis & Crohn’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Orthopaedic
  • Speech Impairment
  • Stroke

Medical and personal care

  • Our local GP holds a surgery here once a week. Residents may continue to see their own GP if they’re nearby, and their GP agrees
  • We also have a physiotherapist who comes in weekly, to help residents maintain and improve their mobility. Physiotherapy sessions are included in your weekly fees
  • We receive regular visits from district nurses, community practitioners, and a local dentist and optician
  • The chiropodist visits every six weeks
  • Our hairdresser comes to us every week
  • The services of a visiting optician and a local dentist are available if required


We handle residents’ personal laundry in our own facilities, at no extra cost.

Activities and entertainment

Our activities co-ordinator runs a full and varied programme, designed to stimulate and engage our residents, including

  • indoor ball games
  • short walks
  • opportunities to meet and pat friendly dogs
  • trips to a local garden centre, to see the Christmas lights in Godalming and other outings
  • talks and performances by local groups and volunteers
  • summer garden and Christmas parties for residents, family and friends
  • a glass of sherry in the garden!
  • Variety of different theme days
  • We love our vintage tea
  • Activities supporting charities
  • We organise Fetes and festivals with local communities
  • Local school visits regularly

We can also arrange to have residents’ favourite newspapers and magazines delivered.

View sample activity calendar

Spiritual living

We can arrange visits from various denominations. We have a Holy Communion led by our local vicar every month, and at other times by arrangement and we can accommodate for other denominations as well

Where we are

Robertson Nursing Home is just two miles from the centre of the historic market town of Godalming, which offers a range of shops and supermarkets, post office, banks and churches. We’re also within walking distance of Hurtmore village centre.

  • Nearest railway station – Farncombe
  • Nearest major town – Godalming

Please click here for a link to Google Maps, showing our location.

Keeping you in touch

We believe it’s vital to help our residents live as normal a life as possible, so we actively encourage family and friends to visit, spend time here and get involved as much as they wish. We also produce a regular newsletter top keep the whole Robertson Nursing Home community up to date with the latest news and events.


Springkell House Proud to support 2020 Poppy Appeal

Springkell House is proud to support the 2020 Poppy appeal. @Hindhead Royal British Legion Club Residents enjoyed making a display for Remembrance Day and a had a nice sing-a-long using our portal TV. Every Poppy Matters. #royalbritishlegion #PoppyAppeal2020 #lestweforget2020 #HindheadRoyalBritishLegionClub Read more



A stroke is a life-changing event that can affect emotional as well as physical wellbeing. At Robertson Nursing Home, we truly understand the different challenges that a stroke can present, and the stages that people may go through in coming to terms with what’s happened and making a recovery.

The recovery process varies from person to person, so we take all options into account in developing a specific rehabilitation and treatment for each individual. As well as providing care, we help residents acquire new skills and coping strategies so they can adapt to the limitations brought on by the stroke. Our physiotherapist helps the individual tackling weaknesses and paralysis arsing for the stroke, and helps them regain mobility and muscle control

We also offer emotional support and guidance throughout the process, with a view to easing the transition back into normal life.

Our carers provide constant support to help residents carry out their regular day-to-day activities such as eating, dressing and personal hygiene. We carry out a full needs assessment when the person arrives; this is reviewed throughout their time with us.


At Robertson Nursing Home, our staff are trained to recognise all different types of epilepsy and are fully aware of those who may need extra assistance. Our staff are aware of how to go about helping each individual accordingly, building relationships with them and understanding their needs better.

Keeping our residents safe is of paramount importance to us at Robertson Nursing Home. We are aware of those residents who might be at greater risk and always take care to keep these residents as safe as possible, by managing their treatments to best suit each individual. We work closely with the chefs to assure residents stay healthy and eat a balanced diet. This helps the individual’s brain and body function to the best of their ability, thereby reducing the risk of seizures.

At Robertson Nursing Home we provide a range of exercise to help with overall health and wellbeing. Reducing stress levels is vital in a person with epilepsy, and we provide activities including ‘seniorcise’, a seated exercise-to-music class, to help with this process.

Muscular Dystrophy 

At Robertson Nursing Home, we help treat and manage the symptoms of muscular dystrophy, helping the resident go about life independently to the best of their ability.

Muscular dystrophy can also affect a person’s emotional wellbeing. We combat this by offering advice and support every step of the way and encourage residents to voice any concerns they may have, adapting care plans to suit the individual’s needs.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Exercise and diet are an essential part of managing multiple sclerosis (MS). At Robertson Nursing Home, we ensure each resident receives a balanced diet and regular exercise. Each individual also has access to our Physiotherapist, who can help with physical difficulties and improve movement and other functions of the body. Physiotherapy is often recommended when there is a specific problem or on-going symptoms that affect day-to-day activities, mobility and independence, and can help whatever the individual’s level of disability. It’s particularly valuable when physical symptoms progress or an individual is recovering from a relapse.

Parkinson’s Disease

Our Registered Nurses understand the management of medication is vital to keeping symptoms at bay, and we tailor medication routines to suit the individual. The nursing team is in contact with the community Parkinson’s Nurse for specialist advice, and ensure hospitals appointments are kept up to date. We understand the importance of and encourage independence with daily living. Our Physiotherapist will work very closely with the team assessing a person’s abilities and needs.

Respite Care

Looking after a loved one can be mentally and physically demanding, and it is important to take time out for yourself. At Robertson Nursing Home we understand that you need time to relax or maybe take a holiday.

Respite can be for a few days or weeks – whatever gives you, the carer, a chance to recharge and feel refreshed. We will ensure that your loved one’s routines and lifestyle remain undisrupted, to ease any worries and concerns. Planning the entirety of the respite process is key to success ensuring you will feel peace of mind and return again and again.

Pallative Care 

The last few days of a person’s life are of the utmost importance to the Robertson Nursing Home team. Our registered nurses will work extremely closely with our GP and have medication to control pain in advance. We believe communication is vital every step of the way through this very difficult time, and understand the complex feelings relatives experience with loss and bereavement. We meet every individual’s specific spiritual, religious, psychological and physical needs, and make it possible for relatives to stay at the home throughout this time.

Visual and/or Hearing Impairment 

The Robertson Nursing Home team are trained to understand the difficulties of visual and hearing impairment, and the lonely world this can create for individuals. Feeling safe and secure can help people with these disabilities continue with daily living, and our team will help to tailor a care plan and routine for each person. We work with individuals to design personal rooms to suit their condition, and our Registered Nurses are in contact with specialist clinics to ensure conditions and symptoms are managed.  Our carers can accompany residents to appointments.

Convalescent Care 

Recovering from an operation can take time and our staff are here to help at every stage. Our Registered Nurses will change dressings, remove stitches and help with pain relief. Our physiotherapist is also on hand to aid recovery and mobility, and will devise a personal exercise plan to assist with the recovery process. Our chef will prepare a balanced healthy diet and our carers will ensure you’re comfortable. ‘Relax and recover’ is our aim.


All Robertson Nursing Home staff – carers, nurses, domestics, cooks, even our maintenance team – are trained to fully understand this complex, progressive disease. We work closely with relatives and work hard to get to know the person and their needs, then draw up an individual care plan. Our Registered Nurses have access to specialist nurses and work with our GP to encourage independence for daily living. We make life books, as we know the past is very important, but we also believe that living in the moment helps reduce stress. We also hold workshops in the home for relatives to help them understand their loved one’s behaviour, and to connect with others going through this difficult and emotional experience.


Springkell House Proud to support 2020 Poppy Appeal

Springkell House is proud to support the 2020 Poppy appeal. @Hindhead Royal British Legion Club Residents enjoyed making a display for Remembrance Day and a had a nice sing-a-long using our portal TV. Every Poppy Matters. #royalbritishlegion #PoppyAppeal2020 #lestweforget2020 #HindheadRoyalBritishLegionClub Read more

Our Fees

Our fees vary according to the type of room and individual care requirements. All our fees include full-board accommodation, nursing care, laundry and activities.

Our fees start from £1000pw

For full details, and to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.

The Team

​Please see some of our staff below.

Name: Penny King

Designation: Manager

I joined Beritaz in 2004 as a carer at Springkell, becoming manager here at Robertson Care Home in 2011.

No two rooms are the same in this lovely old house. This isn't an institution: we encourage our residents to bring their own possessions and furniture, from photos to carpets and bed linen. I want to make everyone feel safe and nurtured, so we take time to find out as much as we can about residents' families and interests, and always celebrate birthdays in style. We have fresh flowers delivered every Friday, and hold events like tea parties with vintage china. It's a real home, and we're a family. Everyone mucks in; there's no hierarchy, and if something needs doing, the person nearest does it.

Communication with the family is paramount. We'll call them after every visit from the doctor, and we send them postcards with messages and updates, even if it's something as simple as "Your dad said he had a lovely fish-and-chip supper tonight".

We understand that moving into a home like this isn't easy, and some people take time to adjust. For example, we discovered that one lady was telling her daughter that she hated it here, when in fact we knew she was having a whale of time! Our solution was to invite her daughter in to watch from afar, and see just how happy her mother really was. Another lady missed her garden, so we arranged for her to have a room with a patio area directly outside, where she now grows flowers and tomatoes.

This is a unique and special place, with a homely feel and a very calm, respectful atmosphere. I love working here.

Name: Maria Taylor

Designation: Care Assistant

Maria has been working for Robertson Nursing Home since October 1992. She works really hard and does her job to the best of her ability, showing respect, dignity and compassion to all of our vulnerable residents. Maria appreciates the great support she receives from her colleagues and the career progression she has been able to make as a result of the learning and development that has been provided by Robertson Nursing Home. Maria has said that her weakness is a bar of whole nut chocolate, cuddling her dogs and feel good Christmas films.

Name: Penny Trigwell

Designation: Activities Organizer

I've worked at the Robertson Nursing Home for 35 years. I started out working two nights a week, which suited me as I was also working at a play school. I was a stay-at-home mum for a while until my adopted daughter was a little older, then came back on nights, before deciding I'd like to try days. I really enjoyed it as you learn so much about the residents. I decided I wanted a change from caring so worked in Waitrose for five years, but returned to Robertson Nursing Home and have never wanted to leave again! Since coming back I've learnt so much. I've completed my NVQ Level 2 and 3, and as well as caring I'm doing activities for 20 hours a week. I enjoy working at Robertson: it's a very friendly place with its homely atmosphere, which visitors often comment on. It makes me proud to say I work at Robertson Nursing Home.

Name: Evelina Gavrilla

Designation: Care Assistant

I joined the team at Robertson Nursing Home in January 2013 and felt so at home from the start. I previously studied law but never had the chance to practise, however since coming to Robertson, I’m pleased to say that I have improved my English and have started on my NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care. I love the Robertson team, it feels like a family, even more so since my husband is part of the team. I enjoy working here and I think the best thing, as others have said, is how much support I’ve received from everyone.

Name: Ivanka Maradzhieva

Designation: Registered Nurse

I spent three years in medical college in my native Bulgaria, studying to become a general nurse. I worked for two years in endocrinology, mainly with diabetic patients, then moved to the trauma and orthopaedic department, because I wanted to learn about first aid and how to help patients with trauma. I worked there for almost eight years before deciding to come to England. I started work as a Care Assistant at Springkell House, becoming Senior Carer four months later. Springkell House is purely residential, so I was given the opportunity to move to Robertson Nursing Home to continue in my profession as a Nurse. I am very blessed to be with a company willing to support me, provide guidance and help me acquire valuable skills and confidence. I am enjoying my work; I feel welcomed and supported, and love the friendly environment and atmosphere. Dementia is unique: working with dementia patients I am learning every day, but I know I still have a lot to learn! I know my manager is always there for me, and that she will give me the best possible help and advice.

Name: Angela Mihaescu

Designation: Deputy Manager

I started work as a nurse in an orphanage, caring for around 100 children, and studied English in my spare time. I then went to work in a hospital where I spent eight years, which were wonderful even though the work was very hard. During this time I also studied Management and Marketing for four years. I decided I needed another challenge, so I came to England to work as a nurse. My first year at Robertson was hard as I was still learning the language, but I did not want to give up as I am a fighter and I hate to run from problems. My confidence increased with big support from Carla, Penny, Dr Grove and all the staff at Robertson: I love them very much and now I find myself inside a big family, all working hard, succeeding and moving forward together. We all want to improve the quality of life for our residents and other people who trust us.

Name: Caroline Crawford

Designation: Team leader

I became a carer at Robertson Nursing Home 15 years ago. In in that time I have achieved NVQ Levels 2 & 3 in health care; I'm also a Dementia Champion and I became a Team Leader (and Senior Carer in 2015). I enjoy working at the Robertson Nursing Home because it is like an extended family; it gives me a sense of pride knowing we are all doing our very best to give our residents what they deserve.


Springkell House Proud to support 2020 Poppy Appeal

Springkell House is proud to support the 2020 Poppy appeal. @Hindhead Royal British Legion Club Residents enjoyed making a display for Remembrance Day and a had a nice sing-a-long using our portal TV. Every Poppy Matters. #royalbritishlegion #PoppyAppeal2020 #lestweforget2020 #HindheadRoyalBritishLegionClub Read more

Contact Robertson Nursing Home

Robertson Nursing Home, Priorsfield Road, Hurtmore, Godalming GU7 2RF.
01483 421033
01483 428358


Springkell House Proud to support 2020 Poppy Appeal

Springkell House is proud to support the 2020 Poppy appeal. @Hindhead Royal British Legion Club Residents enjoyed making a display for Remembrance Day and a had a nice sing-a-long using our portal TV. Every Poppy Matters. #royalbritishlegion #PoppyAppeal2020 #lestweforget2020 #HindheadRoyalBritishLegionClub Read more