Corona Virus Feedback

(Picture is Helen Deighan)


Helen Deighan lives in Grayshott with her husband, a professional jazz musician.  She has two children, Emma who also lives in Grayshott with her little Jack Russel called Jack, and her son Ben who lives in Australia with his family.

Having always been interested in sewing and fabric, Helen took textiles as her main subject while studying at a College of Education in Derbyshire.  Since then, Helen developed her own textile and dyeing techniques, wrote several books as well as gained recognition from peers in the UK industry.  Having won many awards, Helen has also had her textile art and articles published in international publications.  Helen taught for over 40 years and in 2002 she was able to teach dyeing and sewing workshops from her purpose-built studio.  Now retired, Helen is still enjoying more time spinning, weaving and dyeing!

We have been so lucky to have received over 200 beautiful handmade face masks from Helen.  The masks are absolutely beautiful, designed in a variety of lovely colors and patterns.  The masks have been distributed to all of the 5 homes in the Beritaz group and have been very gratefully received by all the staff.  The masks are washable, and the staff are using them outside of work in order to keep themselves and others safe from infection.

We cannot thank Helen enough for her efforts to provide PPE to our homes, her help and donations continue to provide the staff and residents with protection against Covid-19 and we are truly grateful for all the time and effort that Helen has put into providing us with these wonderful masks!

Visits to Springkell

We were so sad to close the doors to visits from relatives back in May, so we were over the moon to be given the all clear to start up visits for relatives in the garden!

Visits are in line with the latest Government guidelines and we take all relevant precautions.  By appointment only, the visits are held out in the garden or another suitable outside space – or tent – depending on the weather!!

Danka made a beautiful banner to welcome back visitors to Springkell and it has been such a pleasure to see residents able to once again enjoy visits from their family members.  It is so lovely to see and hear the laughter and chatting of residents catching up with their loved ones after so many difficult months.

Gowns for Springkell House

We were very excited to receive a special package of gowns from someone we have come to know well and are very fond of!  Sue Firth is a business psychologist who has worked with Beritazcare for many years helping our staff members to manage the stress and changes in the workplace that come as part of the job.

Well, as it turns out, Sue is not just a fantastic addition to our business in terms of helping it to run smoothly, but Sue is also rather talented in the manufacturing process of gowns!  Always happy to help us out, Sue got to grips with her sewing machine and made the team at Springkell some fabulous full-length, washable gowns to add to our PPE.

Scrubs for Ashton Manor

During the Covid-Crisis we have had so many kind donations from families and relatives as well as from those in our local community.  The staff were over the moon to receive hand-made scrubs made by Debbie Knight – Love of Scrubs.  After seeing Charlotte’s post regarding PPE on Facebook, a member of the local community, Mrs. Seymour from Horsham in West Sussex, contacted Debbie and asked her if she could make the team some scrubs – perfect attire for the hot weather we’ve been having, and they wash very well!

Another fantastic donation was also provided by a local group in Farnborough called, ‘The Scrub Hub,’ they kindly donated some lovely scrub bags that our new scrubs can be put into at the end of a shift and taken home, ready to go straight into the wash.  We really are so grateful for these donations, they have made a huge difference to us and added lots of lovely colour to the home!

Scrubs for Robertson

A hugely welcomed donation from The Rotary Club of Godalming Benevolent Fund of hand-made scrubs was very gratefully received by the whole team.  Beautifully light and comfortable, especially in the hot weather we’ve been experiencing, the staff were incredibly pleased with the scrubs and even managed a little fashion show to show them off!

Corona Virus Update – Friday 05 June 20

Welcome to our latest update

Since I last wrote back in April, there has been significant coverage on the infection and death rates in Care Homes. This undoubtedly would have caused a great deal of anxiety amongst you. I am however pleased to say, that as of today, our homes have no proven or suspected cases of coronavirus infection amongst residents or staff. In the past 10 days we have had all our residents and staff tested, over 50% of results have been returned and they are all negative. In support of these results our systems have subsequently been improved in key areas such as PPE and testing.
Along with the rest of the country, we are now moving into the next stage. We continue to follow the Government guidance but remain extremely cautious in our approach to ensure safe care in our homes. Therefore, in certain circumstances some of our policies and practices maybe more restrictive than those elsewhere in the country.

We have been able to obtain supplies of PPE. Although it proved difficult until early May, now supplies are more available, albeit at a higher cost than normal, and we are able to ensure a regular and adequate supply. Our suppliers have been extremely reliable due to our long- term, loyal and established relationships with them, in addition to our regular suppliers, we have also received donations from relatives, local organisations and well-wishers.

In the interest of the mental wellbeing of our residents and also their relatives, we are now permitting visits according to latest Government guidelines. All visits are by appointment only and will be out in the garden or another suitable outside space. Social distancing measures will need to be adhered to as well as the use of appropriate PPE. Please contact the homes for specific arrangements.

We are also now allowing essential professional services such as physiotherapy, chiropody etc. to return to the home. All service providers are tested and necessary precautions such as temperature checks and wearing of appropriate PPE are mandatory.

We are rapidly adapting to ‘the new norm,’ outings have been organised, celebrations are being planned, new team members are starting and new residents are being admitted. We continue to strive to provide the best of care, stimulation and support for all of our residents.

I am sure you will join me in thanking our staff team in all our homes who have shown tremendous resilience, commitment and dedication to their jobs, placing residents care and wellbeing at the center of everything they do. They have maintained and upheld all infection control precautions to the highest of standards, all the while supporting each other and working together as a fantastic team during this challenging period. We’d also like to thank all of those who have wished us well and made donations, we have been overwhelmed by your kindness and support. Please visit our website for many happy, celebratory stories, and videos.

Please do take care of yourselves and your families and we look forward to seeing you in the garden! If you have any questions, please contact us on 01428 604414 or call the Home.

Springkell House Residents are missing having Visitors

(Video for the Text below)

Springkell House Residents are missing having Visitors, We are staying safe and enjoy spending time in the Springkell Garden. We hope you like our video of a few happy hi-lights

A chocolate treat for Chestnut Court!

 During this incredibly difficult lockdown period we have been so lucky to have had so many thank you cards, letters of appreciation, generous donations of PPE, offers of support and help.

We have been run off our feet taking care of the residents, making sure they are happy, safe and well, so it’s safe to say our diets have all gone out the window (-it was hard, but somehow, we all managed it ok!).  So, when we received these delicious goodies from Beryl McDerby’s family, as you can imagine they went down a treat and we didn’t seem to have any difficulty tucking into them and enjoying every last bite, thank you!

(Pic to go with the above text)

The video Above is a Tribute from Chestnut Court during the Corona Virus Pandemic

Relatives Feedback from Springkell House during the corona Virus pandemic

I wanted to send you an email to thank you and your team – my Dad, Colin Gray, is one of your residents at Springkell. I know you are all working in the hardest of circumstances right now and I want to let you know how grateful I am (and my family is) for the care and support you all give him. I hope your team are all safe and well – I know that some may be living away from their families and sacrificing a lot to try and keep residents safe. I’m just so grateful for your compassion and care.

We are so far away (in Singapore) and I miss Dad and my Mum very much. I know that he is in the best possible place and I am relieved beyond words that my Mum is not his carer in the current context. And, of course, that we made the decision a year ago for him to move into Springkell – the work you do has made such a difference to our family. Dad is a lovely, kind man although I know from Mum he is more frail than when I last saw him in the Summer; I also know how content he is at Springkell. I really hope we will be able to come back in June/ July but it may not be possible. I’ll be sending him a card with some pictures of his three grandkids who are growing up amazingly fast. If you can share this with him when it arrives I would be very grateful.

Thank you to you, Hessie, Karen and all the team.

Best wishes,

Jenny and Family x

Anyway, just wanted to say a big thanks again to all the staff for their efforts in these particularly difficult times. We hope that all residents and staff are being kept very safe. As you may know, Maryann and I are both in our 70’s and Maryann is a Type 2 diabetic so we are in lockdown ourselves and have no idea when we will be allowed out again – seems like a prison sentence!! So it is important that we can communicate withe Mum via video WhatsApp calls so I want to thank yourself, Hessie and Danka particularly for setting these up.

Please keep safe and well.


Brian and Maryann Rogerson

Some lovely roses received from John Dudleys family received here as a thank you to the staff and a remembrance of what would have been Johns 97th birthday yesterday

A show of appreciation at Springkell!

The last few months at Springkell and all of our homes, as well as many other homes across the country have been particularly difficult for residents, their families and of course for the care teams as well.  Maintaining exceptionally high standards of care and cleanliness is something we have always done but even more so during this very challenging period.  The whole team is under exceptional pressure but are doing the most incredible job coping with this, remaining resilient and still smiling!  The team keep our residents happy and busy and looking forward to the time when we’re able to open up Springkell to family visits once again.

None of this would be possible however if it was not for the unwavering support, messages of thanks and appreciation and well wishes from our residents’ families.  We are so grateful for your kind words and beautiful cards, they make such a difference and really do keep us going and keep us smiling through these sometime dark and difficult times, so thank you, and we really look forward to the day when we can welcome you back into our home!

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Springkell Update May 2020

A very gratefully received donation was given by Domino’s Pizza in Beacon Hill who supplied us with hot and tasty pizzas to fill our tummy’s and keep us smiling.  We have been really touched by so many people and local businesses who have reached out to offer us donations and support during these challenging times.

(Pic to go with the above text)

Recently we received a truly wonderful donation given to us by Sheila Austin, wife of Brian – one of our lovely residents.  Sheila has been busy sewing away, creating beautiful, washable, hand-made face masks for staff to use when they are outside of work to help keep them safe.  These were greatly received by the staff and we are really grateful to Sheila.

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Feedback from Families at Windsor Court Care Home Bournemouth

Windsor Court Rainbows update May 2020

With our residents all tucked away safely for what’s been nearly 8 weeks now, they are not able to join in the community ‘clap for carers’ every Thursday and they have not had any contact with the outside community other than our wonderful care team hear at Windsor Court.

The residents wanted to do something to say thank you to their care team, as well as honor all of the other carers and NHS staff in their community and afar during the Corona crisis.  A couple of very happy hours were spent painting rainbows that were stuck in the windows of Windsor.  The rainbow has become a symbol of support for people wanting to show solidarity with NHS workers and carers on the front line.

    (pics for text above)

“We have received these beautiful flowers at Windsor Court from the family of Sarah Young & her sister Sascha. Thank you so much for making us happy!”


The Mystery Thank you from someone who seen our rainbows of Hope… (Pic Below)

Thank you from our residents to staff team during the Coronavirus pandemic. (pics below)



‘My aunt Kate moved to Windsor Court in January after spending a month in hospital after suffering a fall at home. As a dementia sufferer , she was losing weight in hospital and had reached a critical level. With the help of the home, we were able to transfer her seamlessly to Windsor Court. Under the care of the team there she soon recovered, and got her old cheerful personality back. We were able to relax knowing she was being well cared for. Now the team has had to deal with the corona virus as well, which they have done professionally and caringly despite the concerns about their own health and that of their families. It is such a relief to have her looked after so well. Her still being alone in her own home doesn’t bear thinking about. I and the family say thank you so much to all the team, you’ve been great’.
Best regards, Nick

I am so grateful for the extra attention you pay my uncle Derek.  He is always mentioning the extra steps you all take to make him   feel loved, entertained and active – not only during this Time of COVID 19 but throughout his stay at Windsor Court.  I live across an entire ocean from my uncle and it is wonderful to be able to stay in touch with him through Skype Calls which you arrange with no trouble at all.

Keep well and keep safe,


My sister and I would like to thank the staff at Windsor Ct for looking after our mum Hilda, especially during these troubled times

Kindest regards

Bob Oliver

“In these difficult times I would have been so concerned about the wellbeing of my cousin who until last year was living alone with dementia.  I am so grateful to Leslie and all her team at Windsor Court for making her welcome and for giving her the ongoing care that she needs.  Whenever I phone the staff always have time to update me on how she is and don’t seem in a hurry.  Recently I have been able to contact her by skype and to actually see that she is well and happy.  I am very grateful for the regular updates from the home with regards to how they are looking after their residents during the Covid Virus, and feel they acted promptly and efficiently in reducing the risk to everyone in the home.  Thank you so much to all the team – you are doing a fantastic job!”

Please do pass this on to the team at Windsor court and use any or all of it on your web site.  I just don’t know what I would have done is Mary was still at home!  And I am so reassured that they are looking after her well despite my not being able to visit.

Keep well Best wishes


To everyone at Windsor Court – words cannot express how deeply grateful our family are of how you are caring for dad ( Priam ) and keeping him safe and shielded from the awful things that are going on around the world. We will forever be indebted to you.  The fact you have taken the time to arrange Skype calls so we can speak to him is amazing.
Lesley has gone above and beyond recently in helping us to sort out some deeply personal issues we had around dad and we can’t thank her enough.  Dad went through a terrible time before arriving at Windsor court and struggles to settle easily.  It is a testament to all the staff how well he has settled and looks on them as his second family! Everyone is so lovely and nothing is too much. In these worrying times it is fantastic to know everyone is pulling out all the stops to keep the residents safe ! They have selflessly put the residents safety above their own and all deserve medals! Thank you so so much once again and please stay safe ! love Sarah , Sascha and family xx

Thanks again ,



Feedback From Relatives at Ashton Manor Nursing home in Wrecclesham

The Video Above  is a touching Tribute from the Staff at Ashton Manor nursing home during the Corona Virus Pandemic

Robertson updates May 2020

Good evening/ your morning!

I am Bettys granddaughter living in Sydney. I wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful care and love you’re showing for granny. I just saw your video- she looks amazing.

Firstly thank you all again from all of us for the amazing job that you are doing and for looking after our beloved Mummy Granny Betty so well




I just wanted to drop you a line to offer a small crumb of support to you and the Home in the current trying circumstances.

The news on the impact to care homes is very worrying and all of you at Robertsons are in my thoughts.

I truly hope the impact has not been unduly severe. I know from personal experience with Mum and Elsie that the environment is

very challenging and I often marvelled at the sheer professionalism and care exhibited by the carers and staff.

I hope everyone is safe, please send my very best wishes to all at the

Home who knew me.

Best Regards



Everyday life in Robertson has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic but we’ve been doing our best to keep our lovely residents busy and happy during this long lockdown period.  For us all life has turned upside-down, but we have tried to keep everyday life as normal as possible during this time, providing plenty of fun activities and creative opportunities for the residents through this challenging time.

Easter was a special time for us and celebrated as usual by our residents who enjoyed a variation of Easter activities including making some beautiful Easter decorations outside in the garden whilst enjoying the sunshine.  The home was decorated with the colourful display of decorations for all to enjoy and we had a lovely weekend along with some beautiful weather and plenty of fresh air.

Residents are still enjoying their beauty sessions with Evelina who not only provides indulgent hand massages and manicures, but also washes and sets hair beautifully. The residents really love their pamper sessions with Evelina, she makes a real difference to life at Robertson and we’re lucky to be able to offer her time and talents to the residents!

We’ve also had a change to our care team uniform, these lovely new uniforms are smart, professional and most importantly comfortable for the carers.  Emblazoned with the Beritazcare logo we’re proud of the standards we set and pleased to represent the Beritazcare brand in such smart new uniforms!

We realise that the lockdown measures that we are operating under are extremely difficult for all.  In particular we empathize with our residents’ families who are unable to see their loved ones, we understand how difficult it is not to be able to visit and speak in person to those that you love.  We really wanted to say thank you for all the offers of help and for the messages of thanks and appreciation we have received from families.  It really means so much to us to receive your lovely messages during these unprecedented times, they keep is smiling and help to keep our spirits high during this difficult period.


The video above is a touching tribute from Robertson Nursing Home Godalming


The Video above is a touching thank you message from Betty Howgego Family to everyone at Robertson Nursing Home

Some positive feedback from the Relatives at Robertson Nursing Home in Godalming during Covid 19

Thank you so much for sending the photo of mum it is so thoughtful of you, especially when you are so busy.  Please say thank you to Evelina, she has done a great job of making mum look beautiful.
I also wanted to congratulate you on achieving your Gold IIP Award, that is such a great achievement and so well deserved.  A wonderful testament to your leadership.  A gold party would be a lovely idea at some time in the future and would be a great way of celebrating the commitment and dedication of your wonderful team.
I am glad that the staff enjoyed their barbecue over Easter and hope that they are finding some time to relax and switch off between shifts.  I hope that Usha and her family are ok.
I am sorry that you are having to bear such a heavy burden at this time.  Saying thank you does not really seem enough to convey the gratitude I feel for what you have all done and continue to do on a daily basis.
Best wishes

Thank you Penny for your update – so good to hear – you are all doing an amazing job and I am very grateful for what a great place Robertson is. I’ll keep it short as I know how busy you are but a huge THANKYOU to all you and all the staff. You are AMAZING !!
Best Wishes and stay well.
Nicky Wilkinson ( Olga Oxley)
P.S Please send our love and a big hug to Olga

Dear Penny
What can we say except we are in awe of the work you are doing, a challenge that even at Christmas you would not have imagined likely.
I know we are always being told that it will pass but a little light at the end of the tunnel would be good.
Bearing in mind Betty’s condition we will only ring sporadically as I’m sure if she was unwell we would be told and you have as you say got more attention important work to deal with.
Keep up the good work and keep well????
Jill Eyles

Janette Weller’s (Jenny’s daughter) message to you all:
Thank you for all you and what you are doing at this awful time of uncertainty.
Skype call to mum yesterday was so nice. The look on her face when she was able to see us was a treat!
Take care of yourself and keep well. And thank you again!??

Dear Penny
Thank you for keeping us in the loop. We are so grateful as most of the family are in some sort of isolation for one reason or another. We have discovered an app called House Party which enables us to talk to each other from different locations and being able to see each other at the same time. I realise is would be not be useful for my mother but some of your more active and aware residents might like it and indeed some of your careers.
We are so grateful that we chose Robertsons for her and even if I rarely get much response when I do it’s a happy one. We also trust you to do your best for the residents and appreciate what a mammoth task is facing you. I know you will contact me when necessary but will let you get on with this enormous challenge.
Best wishes and huge thank yous from all my family.
Jill Eyles
Betty Howgego

… it’s lovely to have an update and much appreciated.

This is such a difficult time for everyone, especially so for you and the staff with all the extra necessary preventative measures having to be undertaken and keeping the residents stimulated.
I spoke to Eric yesterday and he said he is going to the dining room for his lunch which I am pleased to know and that Penny or Steve have read to him.

Thanks so much for the update Penny. A massive reassurance that you seem so calm and on top of everything. I know you have an AMAZING team for which we are all so grateful. I like the idea of Skyping and will give it a go with Mum at the weekend.
Take care of yourselves as well as the residents.
With love and best wishes
Claire ( Helene’s daughter)

Just to pass on big thank you to you and your team for all that you are doing for our mum Margaret Voss and the rest of the residents.
Best regards
Trish and all of Margarets family.

Message from Ray Cunningham(Beata’s son):

We just wanted to drop you a short line to say how much we appreciate the reassuring communications about how you are all dealing with this very difficult situation. We have every confidence that the wonderful staff at Robertson are doing everything they can, and everything correctly, to keep all the residents safe and happy.

I would like to thank you most sincerely on behalf of Jean, myself and our daughter Jo for the care you are providing for Jean.
It’s so nice and reassuring to know that she is in a safe and caring environment at this very difficult time.
Your staff are very friendly and professional and for this we are most grateful.
We look forward to the visitors’ ban being lifted and being able to visit Jean again.
Thank again for all you do.
Tony Barron

Dear Penny and team,

Thank you for the update. Just to say we so appreciate what you are all doing. Mum’s good spirits and cheerfulness when we speak to her says volumes for the care you give here, and she always says how much she feels at home and how lovely the staff are, and she is even getting the hang of Skype! We are just so grateful to you all for this. I am sure you all worry what the affect might be on your own families and those you live with, working as you do, but I stress how grateful we are to you for the care you take and amazing commitment you are all showing. A huge thank you and reminder you are in our minds at this time for what you are doing.
Stuart, Sarah and David Withycombe

Hi Penny, Gabriella and all your amazing TEAM .
I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter and say thank you for all that you are doing for Mum and all the other residents. I read the update e mails close to tears , with the way you are all adapting to the situation , and the measures you are going through , Kindness beyond words. If you or any of the staff need anything let me know , i look forward to being able to give you a HUG or Hand shake , Elbow Tap when its all over .
Take Care all of you .
Love Simon & Jane

Corona Virus Update – Wednesday 08 April 20

Beritaz Care is committed to ensuring that we keep all our residents, and staff as safe as possible.
As of today, the Home has no proven or suspected cases of coronavirus infection among residents or staff.
I am pleased to say we are able to provide safe and comfortable care for all our residents. We continue with the no visit arrangement unless essential. Thank you all for your understanding and support.
Many of you have been contacting your relatives using technology such as Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc.
It would help us if you can pre arrange your times so we can have the correct equipment closer to your relative and assist them with the technology.
Also, we are grateful for the wishes and gifts some of you are leaving for us; these have included gloves, face masks etc. to offer of accommodation to our staff by local boarding schools to counseling support. We are also doing our bit to the society by allowing the local charities to use our mini bus for community purposes.
I am very pleased about our staff team who are showing extreme resilience, commitment and going the extra mile; a no fuss approach by most and taking the risks in a stride.
All our homes are working with their own teams without any reliance on casual or agency workers. I think this is the testimony of the leadership in each home and the value based recruitment and retention methods we have adopted over the past few years. We are supporting our team through various means according to local needs. For example, providing transport to some so they do not use public transport, thereby reducing the risk of infection to all, Some are living on the premises, assistance with their shopping.
We have comfortable levels of supplies; and sourced PPEs outside, in addition to the Government supply chain.
Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times and wish you all stay safe and well.
If you have any questions please contact us on 01428 604414 or call the Home.
Mr A Gnanakumar
Chief Executive

Corona Virus Update – Wednesday 25th March 20

Beritaz Care is committed to ensuring that we keep all our residents, and staff as safe as possible.
As of today, the Home still has no proven or suspected cases of coronavirus infection among residents or staff. We continue with the no visit arrangement unless essential. Visits from the local community and external entertainment are also cancelled for the foreseeable future and our Activity Co-ordinators, along with our Staff are doing all they can to ensure that life in our Home remains as comfortable and sociable as possible. At present we have an uninterrupted service while following all guidelines and being a responsible employer. There are a handful of staff members who have self isolated themselves. Employees have also cancelled their holidays and being flexible in their availability to ensure we provide a safe and comfortable care to our residents. The spirit of our staff team remains very high and they are willing to go the extra mile. We are seeking volunteers and short, long term employees to help us if we need. We have the full support of all our suppliers and there are no issues on this front. The Management team meets (through video links) weekly or as necessary to ensure any risks and issues are managed appropriately. We are also in contact with local Care Associations and other providers to ensure knowledge is shared and practices are adopted to keep everyone safe and comfortable. The Home continues to admit new residents following guidance from Public Health England and local authorities. A higher than usual risk assessment is in place for new admissions. For potential new admissions, please contact us. We would really appreciate your support with these measures, and please be reassured that we are closely following and complying with the Public Health England to ensure that we keep our residents safe, and that our staff are supported to continue to deliver high level care. We will keep the relatives and those interested informed of ongoing events and possible changes in our policy through our website and emails. Whilst we work hard to ensure our residents are looked after, we are conscious we are a local service and there may be some in the community who need help and assistance at this difficult time. Please contact us if we can provide any help in this difficult time. If you have any questions please contact us on 01428 604414 or call the Home. Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times and wish you all stay safe and well.

Mr A Gnanakumar  Director and Owner Beritaz Care