Robertson Nursing Home Celebrates a Beritaz Birthday

October 22nd, 2019 by Jamie Davenport

These 2 years have just flown by in Robertson’s Nursing Home. As soon as I arrived here everyone was kind, helpful and really friendly towards me. Everything was new and unknown to me in the UK but the support and kindness shown to me by staff made me feel very welcome. I can honestly say my colleagues are still as kind and helpful as when I first arrived.

I have cared for elderly people for over 30 years, it comes naturally to me it’s my passion. In each and every resident I care for I feel that I can find one of my lost relatives in one way or another.

When I am on duty I feel so happy and content to see happiness on the residents face especially when I am able to give as much attention, care and love to them that I wish and I am able to give.

I still struggle with English and wish I could improve faster, but that said I only started to learn in depth when I started working in Robertson Nursing Home.  My colleagues support me in every way possible.

I love working with the staff at Robertson Nursing Home and I know my colleagues feel the same way about working with me.