Care Home Fees & funding

Paying for care home fees on behalf of a loved one can seem like a daunting expense and an extra stress on top of caring for your loved one. The worrying task of organising payments and funding can be helped by finding out the facts to reduce this huge sense of stress. We want as many families as possible to access our care homes that’s why we offer support and advice.At Beritaz Care, we offer a range of different care packages and services to meet the different needs of our residents. Deciding the type of care your family member needs is vital to determine which care package they will need during their stay. Our fees are transparent and are ‘All inclusive’ which means that there are no extra costs. Everything our residents need and desire is included in the cost: 24 hour care, activities and many other services.

Our fees are dependent on the resident’s individual needs

Our competitive fees, which include care, meals and laundry, will depend on the level of care your loved one will need.  Beritaz Care offers a high standard of nursing care, services and facilities. Contact us today to evaluate the cost and affordability of the care options which we offer. Our team are happy to help and are able to explain the details of the fees and funding opportunities. We hope to give family members not only peace of mind but complete reassurance that your loved one will receive excellent care throughout their stay.

Paying for Care

For more information on care home fees and funding, we suggest Surrey residents visit the Surrey County Council website which contains up to date information on all aspects of care funding including local authority assessments, care entitlements, costs of care and arranging care for someone else. Age UK also provide information on their website: click here for more information

Contact our team today to discuss our fees and funding further