Advice & Support

Care home advice and support

At Beritaz Care we are happy to provide advice and support to family members from the start. Where possible we help to ensure that you and your loved one are supported every step of the way. As care providers we know that finding the right Nursing home or Residential home is essential for the long term well-being of your loved one. By visiting one of our care homes you can meet our carers and excellent facilities first hand, call us today to book a viewing.

At Beritaz Care we offer advice on care home fees and funding, this can be a great concern for family members and our residents, by talking to us you can have peace of mind. We offer support to those who are trying to find the perfect care home too, with Residents’ best interest in mind we offer our expert advice.

Are you looking to move to a care or nursing community?

Deciding to join a Nursing or Residential care home can seem like a scary decision, but at Beritaz Care we go the extra mile to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for you. We understand that your needs and requirements may differ to others, that’s why we look to focus on creating a care plan for you. With your well-being in mind our homes offer activities and events that keep your mind and body healthy. Explore our care homes and see which one best suits you.

Are you seeking advice on behalf of a family member?

Finding the right care home for a family member seems daunting and you may feel like you do not have the time to find the right home for your loved one’s needs. At Beritaz Care we offer support and guidance as we understand that it can be a difficult time for everyone involved. Worrying about finances and whether your family member or parent is happy in their new home can lead to stress. With our guidance we hope to give peace of mind and that your loved one is being cared for.

At Beritaz we have a monthly newsletter and you can follow us on social media to keep up to-date with our news and events. Call us today to find out more.