Springkell House Care Home Case Studies

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This is the Case study for Mrs Marjorie Rogerson written by her son Brian and Daughter in Law Marianne

With mum we have been on quite a journey to find the right care home for her to settle into. Mum grew up and lived in Manchester, she was widowed at the age of 43 and when my sister and I fled the nest she was living alone in part of the country which wasn’t what it was like when she was younger. In 1983 mum moved to Norfolk to live closer to my sister and enjoyed taking part in looking after her grandchildren. We have a grandson now and she loves seeing him and spending time with him too.

Previous to moving into Springkell House mum had experienced living in two residential homes in Norfolk. We could see mum was becoming frail and suffered a series of falls at home, the last fall resulting in a fractured hip and a month in hospital. The intention was for mum to go home with increased level of support from home carers and a very good friend who was her cleaner also. The consultant was optimistic and felt with increased care at home mum would be ok, but whilst the consultant was on holiday the decision was overruled by other Health Care Professionals and Social Services that mum would need to go into a home.

It was a difficult time for all of us; Social Services were very keen for us to look at a newly built care home built on the grounds of an old hospital located near mum. It all happened quite quick but we went and had a look at the home as it came highly recommended by Social Services. We were living in St Ives at the time so it was quite a journey and we were running late to meet the manager. The manager stayed onto meet us and after introducing herself proceeded to ask about mums end of life care, it took us aback we weren’t expecting that type of conversation on our first meeting, it felt really inappropriate. We knew it wasn’t right for mum.

Mum is currently able to finance her own care but we come from a humble background and the home we were looking for had to be just right for her. We eventually found a care home near my sister, all appeared ok at first but then my sister became concerned. It was little things such as her hearing aids were not put in, the sore on her leg was getting worse rather than better and we noticed there didn’t appear to be any kindness from the staff. It was distressing and upsetting for all of us.

By this time we had moved to Greyshott and decided to see if there was anywhere local that could meet mums needs. We knew what we were looking for and we did our homework, including looking at CQC reports. We looked at several other homes and some were very nice but not quite right for mum and sadly it seemed they were only interested in what mum could pay and for how long. Springkell House came highly recommended by the local community and we even spoke to a retired GP who knows Karen the manager and Springkell House. He said we couldn’t do better, Karen is a lovely lady and house is very nice. Mum appeared happy to move and have an opportunity to meet and see her Great Grandson, she said to us she would quite like that!

We didn’t make an appointment to visit Springkell House we just popped in, we were immediately made to feel welcome, offered a drink and shown around the home. There was a buzz in the home, activity and smiley friendly staff.

We liked it that they were ready to accept mum, we were asked what her favorite colour is and her room has been painted in that colour, her room was clean and fresh with newly fitted curtains, carpets and soft furnishings and some lovely little touches such as a vase of flowers. It was like they were expecting a guest.

Mum has only been here since June 2019 and we are amazed as to how well she has settled, she loves her room, the staff and the garden. She always looks smartly dressed and has her hearing aids are always in, we know mum can be stubborn and resistant at times but she always looks nice. Where mum lived before she would stay in her room but now she often asks to come downstairs, she’s a people watcher and likes to know what is going on, and there is always something going on!

Recently the home held a Strawberry Tea Party and on another occasion they held a National Cup Cake Day in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Mum really likes all the staff, they are brilliant, we are always made to feel welcome and offered tea and cake when we visit. Karen the manager is honest and open with us, which we like and the team they show kindness, warmth and empathy.

To sum Springkell House up it’s a happy home full of life.

 The Case study of Mrs Jennie Hills by her Son Mr Peter Hills  

Before finding Springkell House mum was a patient at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill and then transferred to Dorking Cottage Hospital. I had considered Domiciliary Care for mum, but we were told by Social Services mum would not be able to return to her flat and deep down I knew it wouldn’t be right for her. We were given a list of care homes; I found the process very emotional and stressful.

But I was happy to find Springkell House, I like the location of Hindhead, it was important to find somewhere near to where we live. Hindhead is a lovely place and gives us options to take Mum out for small trips to the Punchbowl for a cup of tea.

We visited Springkell House “unannounced” and liked it immediately, we met a relative of another resident in the car park and got chatting they gave us very good feedback about the home. I was pleased to hear Springkell House took both Private and Social Services funded clients, it doesn’t feel like a big revenue making business like some care homes.

I like many things about Springkell House, I like the building, the feeling of light, the social events such as the garden parties and Carols at Christmas, the activities provided by Danka are also good. The Newsletter keeps us informed, we love the idea of the children’s nursery coming in.

I like the staff I have built a good repport with them, they are very approachable if Bikram is on duty he always opens the door before I get to ring the bell. The tea service is very good even Nigel the handyman will make the tea when he is around!

When Karen the manager was nominated for an award I was more than happy and pleased to support this when asked.

I immediately liked Springkell House and would have no hesitation recommending Springkell House to others.


Below is the Case study of Mrs Sandra Painz by her Niece Mrs Tracey D’Cruz


My aunt Sandy has been at Springkell House since 3rd June 2017 moving from a well-known provider providing top end quality accommodation in a very large, very modern and expensive house. In fact it looked more like a hotel.

Previous to this my aunt was in hospital having suffered a stroke; we were given only 1 weeks’ notice by the hospital to find a Care Home, I was aware of the other home because I drove past it several times and I thought my aunt would like it because it was like a hotel and at the time money wasn’t an issue.   My aunt was there for three years but then I decided to move her for my own personal reasons

Since being at Springkell the feeling is great. The lounges at Springkell are small and cosy and there is always something going on. My aunt sits in a chair in the corner by the window which is bright and she can feel the sunshine on her face through the windows. This to me demonstrates that my aunts needs have been thought about.

Personal circumstances and concerns for my aunt led me to look for an alternative place for her to live and meant looking to homes more local to me.   Springkell House was the first home I viewed and I met with Karen the manager, following my visit and meeting Karen I didn’t go anywhere else.

Springkell House felt very different, very homely I liked everything that I was told and saw on my show around. The small, personal homely space at Springkell was exactly what I was looking for I decided straight away that my aunt should move to Springkell. Even though it is unknown whether my aunt is aware of her surroundings I always feel happy when I visit and feel that my aunt really likes it here.

I don’t have any concerns regarding the staff, the ratio of staff always appears right when I visit and there is great continuity of staff.

When I first walked through the door at Springkell the immediate homely feel met all my expectations, I am very happy.