Robertson Nursing Home Case Studies

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This is the Case study for Mrs Sheila Cook Written by her Daughter Jayne Rigby

My mum lives with vascular dementia. Her health started to deteriorate at the end of last year and after numerous falls and admissions to hospital, it was evident mum would need more support as it was difficult for her to be cared for at home.

Following several meetings with Social Services and the hospital team, we agreed I would look for a suitable care home closer to where I live in Guildford. I was given four homes to view with Robertson Nursing Home being one of them. I had also been researching homes on the internet and Googling the different services on offer before visiting them and the Robertson Nursing Home was already on my preferred list. The team at the hospital were very good but once we had identified a home for mum to move into, we did feel there was an urgent need to move mum on. This was rather stressful for me making such a huge decision for my mum as I realised it could be frightening and potentially disruptive for her, but mum managed very well. The hospital arranged transportation for her to Robertsons and all were incredibly supportive to her to make this transition go well.

It was very worrying to find myself in this position making such a very important life changing decision on behalf of my mum. She had always been there for me, supported me and loved me, she was a good mum and I wanted to do the best for her.

We visited all four homes before making a final decision. Robertson Nursing Home was not the last home we looked at but as soon as we visited Robertson’s, we felt this was the right place for mum to be and it would be “home”. There were many reasons that persuaded us that this was the right place one of them being it is a nursing home, it was important for us not to have to move mum again should she require nursing care later on. The staff immediately attracted us with their manner. They were welcoming, friendly and helpful from the moment we met them and this level of interaction has continued. They genuinely care and the care they give mum is perfect for her needs. Many of the staff have worked in the home for years which we feel is a really good sign. I can’t commend the staff enough!

The management team and carers genuinely look as if they are enjoying their jobs and take a huge interest in the residents’ happiness.

The continuing support that I have received as her daughter too is exemplary – the staff will always stop to talk and answer any questions. They are always busy but never give the impression that they cannot stop to talk and they welcome me every day when I visit. It has such a good atmosphere and it feels like going into a home rather than a nursing home. There is a sign up in the office that I think sums up the culture perfectly “Our Residents do not live in our Workplace, We work in in their home.”

Mum enjoys her meals. The Chef meets with the residents individually each day to tell them what is on the menu – the dishes are homemade and sound delicious. The chef will cater for their likes, dislikes, have meals appropriate for the weather and cater for special dietary needs.

Activities take place regularly and external singers, poetry readers, artists visit to entertain. The residents partake if they wish and thoroughly enjoy these entertainments. I have noticed mum is starting to engage with other residents and staff and she appears to be more aware of her surroundings. I asked mum not so long ago what she thought about the home and she said “It’s Lovely”.

There is a super garden to sit in – there is plenty of shade and it is very peaceful. On the hot summer days, drinks are constantly served and ice creams also distributed. The conservatory is a popular place to sit with a nice view of the garden. Our family is always made to feel welcome especially my grandchildren who enjoy joining in the activities and being included in the ice cream round.

Mum has been in Robertson’s Nursing Home since March 2019. She has settled in incredibly well, it’s perfect for her and comes with my highest recommendation.

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This is the Case Study of Mrs Rosemary Brown written by her Husband Alan Brown

My wife Rosemary has been resident at Robertson Nursing Home since November 2018 following a fall resulting in a serious head injury. After 3 months in Royal Surrey County Hospital we were asked to select a nursing home where Rosemary could continue to receive treatment and care.

Rosemary and I met in London where Rosemary was training as a nurse at the Royal London Hospital and then as a midwife in Southlands and Paddington General Hospitals. After we moved to Surrey and had children Rosemary continued her work in the Nursing profession at a Nursing Home in Haslemere.

We have lived in Essex and Somerset, eventually settling in Godalming in Surrey over 44 years ago. One of our favourite hobbies when we lived in Essex was sailing on the East Coast, we have fond memories of those times.

Prior to the fall Rosemary was very active. We are a close family with four children, 15 grandchildren and a large group of friends. In the recent years Rosemary became the personal chauffer to our many grandchildren and enjoyed numerous activities which she planned for them.

When it was time to start looking for somewhere for Rosemary to move to our family were very keen to be involved. We knew of the Robertson Nursing Home because it’s not far from where we live and our daughter Fiona has worked there as a physiotherapist for the last 15 years. Our children all wanted to view the home and visited individually, we all felt unanimous in our decision and wanted Rosemary to move into Robertson Nursing Home for the next stage of her rehabilitation and care.

It wasn’t our family’s first contact with the home, Rosemary’s aunt, Doris Fleming celebrated her 100th birthday at Robertson sadly passing away in 2014

I visit on a daily basis because our home is only a 15 minutes’ walk away, Rosemary tells me the exercise is very good for me!

On arrival I always receive a warm welcome from staff being addressed by my name. I find the staff very attentive to anticipating the needs of both residents and visitors and there is always easy access to trained medical staff and management.

An example of the close relationship with residents and family was the extremely successful Fish & Chip lunch held for 12 of our closest neighbours not so long ago. Our friends thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality.

Rosemary says the food is excellent with Sharon the cook coming round every morning to see what we would like to eat.

Rosemary’s alertness, strength and movement have dramatically improved since arriving at Robertson Nursing Home. I believe this is due to the combination of good care, excellent food, dialogue with staff, and also the added bonus of a physiotherapist to give treatment and oversee all areas of mobility and function with an aim of Rosemary reaching her maximum potential.

The staff have created a homely atmosphere, it’s a pleasure to visit and we have had very positive feedback from our many friends and family who visit regularly.



My mum has been at Robertson Nursing Home since September 2016, just over 2 years now. Taking the decision to place mum in a home was not something I ever thought I would have to do and it was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make, but my concerns for her safety and wellbeing were of utmost importance and I felt I had no choice; and that’s where my journey began.

Mum was still very independent into her late 80’s, she would go out nearly every day on the bus and enjoyed meeting friends for a coffee at the local day centre. She also enjoyed dancing and would often attend tea dances. She was very sociable and she liked to get out and meet people as she lived on her own.

After 36 years of living in her house we found out that the local authority were going to knock it down and mum would have to move. This was a very stressful time for her and this is when I started to notice little changes in her; I think it was the stress and worry of where she would have to move to. Not long after this mum had a fall and broke her hip. She came to stay with me for a while to recover but once she went home I noticed she was struggling with things she used to manage to do by herself; daily life was becoming harder for her. Mum was always good with money but seemed to be finding it difficult to manage her finances. She was becoming more frail and vulnerable and I was constantly worrying about her, especially as she was spending so much time on her own.

I knew I needed to do something as although I visited her every day I could not be there overnight. I was also concerned about leaving her when I went on holiday. We tried an assisted alarm system but she found it difficult to use. I then contacted Age UK who were quite helpful but I still had to find the right type of service to meet mum’s needs and make the contact. I considered a live in carer but I couldn’t see that working for mum, in the end with a holiday coming up I found a care agency. The care agency said they could meet mum’s needs and we agreed daily visits for 1 hour to do some household chores and be company for mum. I was very specific that I wanted the carer to stay and have a chat with her, this was very important but it didn’t always happen and sometimes the carer would not stay for the hour. I knew that this was not the solution I was looking for and so took the difficult decision to start looking at care homes.

I spent many hours searching for the right home for mum, it had to be just right and it had to be a nursing home because I couldn’t bear the thought of having to move her again. I looked at 4 homes in total in a short space of time, some were very nicely furnished and decorated but they felt cold, lacked atmosphere and the people who had dementia were often situated on another floor, in some cases behind locked doors and with no access to a garden.

It was different when I visited Robertson Nursing Home, I knew as soon as I entered that it would be the right home for mum. I was greeted with a smile and made to feel very welcome. It was the warmth and the compassion of the staff that helped me to make the decision. All the staff were very kind especially Penny the manager, she listened to me and reassured me. She explained that I was at the beginning of a journey and that should I decide to place mum in the care of Robertson Nursing Home then we would be able to continue the journey together. Penny didn’t have a room available when I needed one but did her utmost to help me and directed me to another home in the Beritaz Care Home Group, Ashton Manor Nursing Home. Carla the manager was also very helpful and accommodated mum at short notice for a couple of weeks until a room became available at Robertson Nursing Home.

I have found the staff to be wonderful, very caring and supportive and they are very good at keeping me informed. I feel part of one big family and whilst it took at least a month for mum to fully settle in we are in a good place; mum seems content and that is very reassuring for me. Mum enjoys the company of the other ladies at Robertson; she enjoys all the activities and takes a walk around the garden when she wants to. I visit her at least twice a week and I often know when it’s time to go because mum will look at her watch as if to say “Are you going now?”

The journey hasn’t ended but I am grateful we are where we are. If I was to offer any advice it would be to start looking as early as you can, don’t put it off. Look at as many homes as you can to have a better idea of what is available and keep on looking until you find what you are looking for. Look for happy, compassionate, empathic staff who are prepared to listen to you. This is what I found at Robertson Nursing Home.