Ashton Manor Case Studies

The Case of Mrs Daphne Lelacheur by her niece Mrs Val Read

My Aunt Daphne has been at Ashton Manor for approximately 6 months now and has settled in well. My cousin, Daphne’s son lives in America and it was him who asked if I could help to find a home for his mum, my Aunt. He had done his research on the internet and found Ashton Manor Nursing Home and asked me to have a look.

Our journey took us to Ashton Manor because the previous home Daphne was living in was closing and we were asked to look for an alternative home. I have to say the care was very good and the staff were very nice there. Thankfully the home did not have to close but my Aunt had already moved in and we were very happy with Ashton Manor.

My cousin has asked me to say on his behalf he is very happy with Ashton Manor and has said “They seem to be a nicely run home, Carla the manager is very responsive she always returns my emails promptly”.

I was very happy with what I saw when I came to visit, the entrance hall is impressive and there was no smell, it smelt “fresh as a Daisy” I was made very welcome and offered enough tea to float a boat, everyone seemed very nice. The dining room is amazing it is set up as if it is a hotel and you can see the staff take pride in the home. I was very happy with the two rooms I was offered for my Aunt .

We have no complaints the staff keep in touch, they called me recently because my Aunt needed new clothes, she’s put on weight since she has been here I had to buy a larger size for her. They also called about my Aunt having the flu jab, I couldn’t be sure she had not already had one so the staff went that extra mile to find out from her previous home.

There are many things about Ashton Manor that impress me, the staff are very friendly and so good with the residents, caring, kind and very respectful they treat the residents as if they are a part of their extended family and they have a sense of humour, which is very important.

The entertainment is very good, whilst my Aunt won’t always join in I can tell she is enjoying what she is observing and she loves to sing. I love the display of art and crafts the residents have done and they are always celebrating something, a lot of thought went into Christmas and Easter. My cousin turned up on Christmas day at lunch time and before he knew it he and his family were having Christmas dinner with his mum.

My Aunt seems very happy at Ashton Manor, she has only been here six months but you would think she has been here 6 years, I don’t know what it is but this home has just got the edge.


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This is a case study of Barbara by her Jane

Mum was a very strong independent lady and at the age of 90 still refused to have any form of help, getting rid of home help we arranged for her and refusing to have meals on wheels. This all changed suddenly in December 2018 when she suffered a severe stroke leaving her without speech and a right sided weakness. I was with her at the time, it was very frightening. She was in Frimely Park Hospital for two months in that time they told us she was at the end of her life several times but each time she pulled through.

At the end of January 2019 they told us mum was ready to be discharged but due to the effects of her stroke it meant there was no way she would be able to go back home and would need to go into a care home. Mum had told us in the past she would never go into a care home but there was no choice her care needs were too high to be cared for at home. It was very hard for us, we knew we had to find the right care home for her. Social Services at Frimely Park Hospital were helpful and gave us names of several homes they wanted us to look at. The homes we were asked to look at we knew as soon as we saw them were not for mum she wouldn’t have liked them, they were also too far for me and my sisters to travel to.

We had to get it right for mum, she brought me and my sisters up by herself, worked all her life and was always fiercely proud and independent.

Ashton Manor Nursing Home was on the list, it came strongly recommended so we looked it up on line and there were some very good reviews, we liked what we saw and visited the home. We immediately liked what we saw and felt, it felt like a home. The dining room is lovely, the bedrooms look new and the garden is beautiful. The assistant manager showed us around and showed a great interest in mums needs and the carers were lovely you could see they really care, we were over the moon. We were told we could also bring in her recliner chair and photographs and pictures familiar to her.

It took some negotiating with Social Services to get them to agree the fee but both the social worker and Carla Ashton Manors Manager were very supportive and we got there in the end.

Since mum moved in we have seen improvements in her, she is trying to talk, the carers are great they seem to know what mum wants and needs, they seem to understand her. She will smile at the carers so I know she likes them and she grumpy sometimes so I know my mum is still with us.

She is spending more time in the lounge with others, she never did this when she lived in sheltered housing. She doesn’t join in but she seems to be taking an interest.

Since being at Ashton Manor they have arranged for mum to get the health care support she needs, she has seen the Speech and Language Specialist for her swallowing, she has a pureed meal but even appears to be improving in this area and they are now trying a different consistency of food. She has seen the dentist to get the right teeth for her and she is regularly receiving physiotherapy. When she first entered Ashton Manor she could not sit up leaning forward as if she was going to come out her chair, but this has changed, she is now sitting up beautifully with the aid of cushions which means she can see what is going on around her.

We are really happy with Ashton Manor and for mum we are seeing a good happy recovery taking place.