Windsor Court Care Home Staff Studies

This is a staff story for Sandie Steyn Health Care Assistant (September 2020)

Hi I am Sandie and I am a Health Care Assistant working at Windsor Court Care Home in Bournemouth.  I have been working at Windsor Court since the 1st June 2020 and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Considering we were in the height of the Coronavirus at the time I found the recruitment process  streamlined and smooth. I was pleased to be able to start a new career in care following being furloughed and then made redundant due to the pandemic.

Caring is very different from my previous roles as a Medical Rep selling medical supplies to hospitals.  There is always going to be a need for carers and at these times there is a need for job security so I didn’t have to think twice about applying for a carers position.

I’m loving the experience, it’s very rewarding and satisfying to know I am helping people and making a difference to their everyday lives.  I am sinking my teeth into the role as a carer but I believe I have a future in care and would like to become a senior carer in the future.

I would say don’t worry if you don’t have the experience because you are provided with informative training and welcomed support from others.  The staff are very good they will show you the correct ways to care for someone such as moving people safely using specialist equipment, you can’t beat working alongside an experienced carer to learn how to do what needs doing.  I found this to be the best way to learn for me.

The senior carers have been very supportive and the managers frequently ask me how I am getting on.

I am 44 now and I believe I have made a change in my career pathway for the better, I am rewarded everyday with having a sense of purpose and making a significant difference to people’s lives including mine. Why don’t you do the same?


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This is a staff story for Jason Fuller  Chef (June 2020)

Hi I’m Jason and I have been working at Windsor Court Care Home as a chef for the last month.

It’s my first position as a chef in a care home and whilst it took a little time to get my head around how things work at Windsor Court I have go to say I am really enjoying it.

The staff are a great bunch, very friendly, chatty and caring.  You can see they are passionate about what they do and this just doesn’t stop with the residents it extends to their colleagues.  There is a lot of camaraderie, fun and you can see that they are supportive of one another and care about each other.

Tony the other chef was a great support, easy to get on with and my induction into the kitchen and the systems was thorough.

Due to the current crisis my interview was held over the phone but it went well, it was clear, concise and very informative about the home.  The recruitment process was swift and efficient from the point of making an application of interest, interview, references and carry out a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service).

I am very happy to recommend Windsor Court Care Home as a good place to work, the staff from carers to management are very friendly and residents are great too

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 This is a staff story written by Katherine Felton:  (June 2020)

Hi I am Katherine and I am the Support Manager of Windsor Court Care Home

I have been working at Windsor Court since 2016, starting as a Senior Carer Assistant but later that year progressing to the Support Manager to Lesley the Registered Manager.   There are great opportunities for career progression and I am being encouraged to undertake my Diploma level 5 later this year.

Just as I started at Windsor Court Beritaz Care took over the running of the home, in this time there have been some significant changes to the environment making it not only a pleasant place for the residents to live but a great working environment for the staff.

My previous work experience was working with adults with Learning Disabilities as a support worker, I enjoyed this but when I found myself in a position looking after my nan through the end of her life I was inspired to go back to working with the elderly.  I am passionate about end of life care especially making sure the emotional side of this journey is very special for everyone concerned and involved.  It’s really important to me and the team to ensure people receive the best possible care and the upmost dignity when they pass.

As the support manager my key roles include working alongside residents to develop person centred care plans, support, supervisions and train staff especially in the use of our electronic care planning system.  I support the senior carers and sometimes will cover as a senior when required which allows me to stay connected to everyday events but know how to support them. I carry out pre assessments for perspective residents which I really enjoy and in Lesley’s absence I will cover the running of the home and provide on call support.

I really enjoy working at Windsor Court, I work with a great team where everyone helps each other out, there is very good communication and we are just like one big family. The training provided is very, very good and I receive great support from my manager Lesley.

Our values base recruitment process and the supportive induction period we provide allows us to introduce new to care Health Care Assistants. This allows us to ensure our values of Caring, Trusting and Choices and Person Centred Care approach are followed through with every new member of staff, something I am very proud to be part of.

Mr Kumar the owner is hands on and is always there when you need him.

This is a staff story written by Debbie Payne: Activities Coordinator, (June 2020)

Hi I am Debbie and I have been part of the activities team working at Windsor Court as an activities organiser for approximately 17 months.  Previously I worked at another care home managed by Beritaz care for 2 years.

I have lived in Bournemouth all my life, applying for an activities organisers role was a whole new career for me, using skills from my previous life knowledge and experience, and the support and further training I have received, I am able to say I have the best job.

Management support individuals to reach their full potential with regular training.

I feel privileged to have my role in planning a wide variety of activities and supporting individual residents in their interests and hobbies. No two days are the same and the greatest gift is seeing the residents happy.

I am part of a team and organisation that really care about one another. Why don’t you give it a go! Come and join us and see for yourself and, if you feel you feel like a change in career you couldn’t choose a more supportive organisation than the Beritaz care Group to work for.

This is a staff story written by Sylwia Care Assistant (November 2019)

Hi I am Sylwia and I have been working at Windsor Court Care Home for 6 years now and have enjoyed every minute of my time here.
I originate from Poland and came to England 9 years ago with my husband and my young family. Prior to moving to England I had been working in care for 17 years as an activities therapist, whilst experienced I still had a lot to learn especially grasping and understanding the English language. I am pleased to now say with the support of Windsor Court my English is a lot better and I am continuing to do what I loved to do, that is care for people with passion, dignity and kindness.
I started working on day shifts but found this didn’t suit the medical condition I have, the home was happy to continue to support me and listened to me when I said it would be better to work on nights. I have been working on nights for nearly 5 years now and it suits me very much.
So what keeps me working at Windsor Court? It’s the people, the residents, the staff and the continued support of the manager Lesley who I find very approachable. Everyone is very friendly and we all get on well together. I have been supported to develop my understanding of English and my knowledge in care. I have achieved a Diploma 2 in Health & Social Care/working with the elderly.
The training is very good, I love the training we receive, the trainer is very good and supportive, and she will give you extra time in her own time to make sure you have understood the lesson.
I am very proud and happy to be part of a team of people who really care for the residents.


This is a staff story written by Marilyn (November 2019)

Hi I am Marilyn and I have been working at Windsor Court Care Home for approximately 13 months, I previously worked for another home managed by Beritaz Care for 7 months.
Prior to moving to Bournemouth I worked in Devon as a Live in Carer for an elderly lady, whilst I enjoyed working with her it was lonely and isolating at times. I was looking for a life after work and to settle, Bournemouth was just the ticket!
When the opportunity arose to work in a care home with a team of people it was a no brainer and I jumped at the chance. I haven’t looked back I really like working as part of a team at Windsor Court.
The team at Windsor Court is great at all levels of responsibility, everyone is supportive on one another and we encourage each other to always be at our best which has added benefits for the residents. The management team is approachable and encourages you to do well. I am currently completing my Diploma 2 in Elderly Care and hope to start my Diploma 3 in the New Year.
I am interested in becoming a senior carer and steps have already been taken to support this, I now administer medication and hope to learn more about the role in the New Year, this has been a big confidence booster for me.
The residents are great, you never get bored every day is a different day and I learn something new from or about our residents every day.
If you are interested in care as a career why not join us!